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 This site is dedicated to the Preservation and Modification of General Motors midsized cars built from 1973 to 1987.

    When visiting Club sites and model specific Forums, Generations can sometimes be confusing. The first generation of the A Body is generally considered to be1964 to 1967. Yet the first generation of the El Camino was 1959 to 1960 (based on the Impala or B body), and the first generation of the Regal was 1973 to 1977.

  A or G body?
    The A body car designation was used by General Motors on their rear wheel drive midsized autos from 1964 to 1981.
   In 1982 GM Changed the car line code for their midsized cars from A to G.Using the A body designation for their new front wheel drive cars.
   In 1988, most G-bodies were moved to the new front wheel drive GM W platform,  GM later used the GM G platform (FWD) designation for unrelated full-sized cars.
Note: Most Vendors refer to all 1978 to 1987 GM midsized vehicles as G cars.

 Although there are some sporty models, with rare options and low production numbers that should be preserved.  Most A & G Bodies are mundane low performance cars that are  bought as projects to be modified in some way. Because they are the last of the General Motors rear wheel drive full framed cars many of the old hot rodding tricks can easily be applied to these cars. ie. build engines, positraction differentials and 4 Speed Conversions. I personally have a 1980 Malibu ex drag car that came with a built 454 big block Chevy engine and 12 bolt posi rear end, That I will be adding a Muncie 4 speed to. The project got side tracked as many do. But  I hope to make progress on it this summer.